Why your kids need an Handkerchief/Hanky?

Children are always on the way to learning new healthy habits and keeping a hanky is one of them. Handkerchiefs are a perfect way to wipe your brow, mouth, or even hands when wet. Moreover, kids use hanky to clean their mouth after eating anything. Because they are not mature enough to not split something around the mouth. 

why kids need handkerchief

5 Reasons why Children need a hanky

Carrying hanky is not only a style but also have some practical reasons like,

  1. To clean their blowing nose
  2. To cover their mouth & nose from germs/pollution
  3. To clean their shoes
  4. To clean their bag
  5. To clean their slate

1. To clean their blowing nose: 

A handkerchief is an extremely useful attire if children have a blowing nose. This reason may be a bit yukky but is an essential use of a hanky to a child. Whenever they need to blow their nose, sneeze or have to deal with runny or cold noses; then hanky is the best partner to keep themselves clean and healthy. Nowadays’ the trend has changed to use and throw paper napkins than cloth handkerchiefs. But the fact is that cloth hankies are softer on kids’ skin and gives less irritation. As children do not always know the proper way to clean their noses; so, the tissues can be irritated to their noses and skin around them

To clean his blowing nose

2. To cover their mouth & nose from germs/pollution: 

Due to the materialistic world now the pollution is also increasing day by day. So, using a hanky is the best way to keep the pollution away by covering the mouth and nose with it. Parents normally teach children that whenever there is any dust on the road then they need to keep their hanky on the mouth and nose to avoid germs entering the body. Children are more sensitive to microbes and get easily allergy or irritation through dirt and pollution. Guiding them to keep handkerchiefs to cover the nose and mouth in such cases is a fitness and eco-friendly habit.

To cover his mouth and nose polution

3. To clean their shoes:

Cloth napkin gives shine to the leather shoes. Children in the school are asked to keep their shoes clean and shiny for proper dress. That is why sometimes kids use their cotton hanky to clean the dirt on the shoes and to give them a glossy look. There are normally remains of the paper napkin on the shoes that make them worse than before. Having a handkerchief to wipe the shoes is a safe way to maintain their proper uniform. Moreover, using a cloth hanky for this purpose rather than a paper napkin you are also helping the earth and the environment from depletion. 

To clean his shoes

4. To clean their bag:

Children are not perfect to carry all things properly in their school bags. Sometimes they split the food particles in the bag or the other times their pencil sharp is always in the bag and make it dirty. In this situation, they can use the hanky to clean such massy bag to keep his things clean. The right way to clean the split food in the bag is to wet the corner of your hanky and wipe the bag with it. After that wipe it with the other part to make it properly clean. Paper napkin will make it messier as it will leave its parts on the bag, using a cloth hanky is the right choice. 

To clean his bag

5. To clean their slate: 

In kindergarten kids are using slate and chalk to start their writing process. Because they usually make mistakes and, on the slate, it can be corrected easily. Children use their hanky to clean it if they forgot to have the duster. The perfect way to do this is to split a drop of water on the slate and wipe it with a cotton hanky, the slate will be looking like new. Using a paper napkin will leave a few parts on it and it is not eco-friendly. By telling them to use cloth hanky we are taking a step to save the environment. 

To clean his slate

Do your kids always have Hanky with them?

We as a parent or guardians need to teach them healthy habits. Children, will not carry hanky with them, it’s our duty to teach them to carry handkerchiefs always. They do not take hanky because of mainly two reasons:

1. They forget them sometimes:

Kids are of their mind, they do not remember things as we do. Although we have taught them to keep hanky with them sometimes, they forgot to do this and it is we who need to make them remember all the time. 

2. They don’t like to carry old-fashioned checked handkerchiefs:

This is the second main reason because children are easily lured by fashion and they cannot make the difference between real and reel life. They like to take the latest trending printed handkerchiefs rather than the old-styled checked hankies. 

What Handkerchief designs do kids like?

Hankies of kids are of diverse designs and patterns that they love to keep with them like:

1. Cartoon designs: 

Children love their cartoon characters on each and everything they own and hankies are also not an exception. To make the habit of keeping hanky buying hankies with a cartoon print of their choice is the best way. They like their characters to take along with them so they take handkerchiefs in their pocket. 

2. Flower designs:

 Designs of different flowers on hanky give a beautiful look. Kids especially girls like to take the hankies with multi-color flower designs on them. These hankies come in a pack of six or twelve with different flower designs printed on them. Kids can take a changed hanky with a new flower every day. 

3. Superhero designs:

 TV characters have the most imprint on a child’s mind. They are their superheroes and to keep a hanky of the same print gives them the feeling of a superhero in themselves. These pure cotton hankies are in the market to represent all marvel superheroes like spider-man, iron man, and hulk. 

4. Fruits designs:

Designs of the fruits on hankies is the most excellent way to teach kids about the fruits. They love to take the handkerchief of their favorite fruit. In the schools, different fruit days are also celebrated and children need to carry an attire of the same fruit. Then it is easy for parents to give them printed fruit on the hanky. 

5. Animal or Bird designs:

In a variety of designs of handkerchiefs animals and birds printed on a cotton hanky is also a trend among kids. Animals and birds printed on hanky not only looks beautiful but also give courage and strength to fight the problems. Children in school have many challenges to face when they look at their hanky and make themselves strong. 

Final Words

Overall, it is to be said that hanky plays a significant role in the completion of uniform and dress. Kids need their handkerchiefs for various purposes like wiping sweat and tears, cleaning and drying their hands, and many more. We as a parent need to tell them the perfect use of cloth hankies rather than the one-time use of paper napkins. 

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