8 Reasons Why Ladies should always carry Handkerchief?

Can we just stop for a moment and think why is this classic accessory getting out of fashion? These delicate cute little handkerchiefs have a wonderful old-world charm to them. They are so much more useful and eco-friendlier than the tissue paper that we usually use. So today we are going to take a moment and discuss why ladies should always carry handkerchiefs with them.

Why Ladies should always carry handkerchief

8 Reasons why ladies should carry handkerchiefs

Top 8 reasons why ladies should carry handkerchief with them,

  1. To clean your wet palm
  2. To blow your cold nose
  3. To Wipe away rainy water or tears from your Face
  4. To Clean your Mobile Phone
  5. To Clean your Galsses
  6. Offer to an Handsome man
  7. To Expose your style
  8. To Help environment instead of using tissues

1. To clean your wet palm before shaking hands

Remember the senseless anxious sweats you got right before your interview or that important meeting? We all understand the feeling when our sweat glands are awakened making our hands embarrassingly moist. Proper Handshake Manners dictates that you should always make sure your hand is dry before shaking hands with anyone. 

To clean your wet palm

2. To blow your cold nose

The truth is, handkerchiefs are still very useful when you want to stifle that sneeze, blow your nose, or deal with a runny nose. Not only it does better work than a throwaway tissue, but it’s also softer on your skin and doesn’t feel like you were scratched by a cat after using it continuously for a day or two.

To blow your cold nose

3. To Wipe away rainy water or tears from your face

Feel like having a good cry after a very stressful day? Whether they are tears of joy or sadness, a real handkerchief works so much better than a tissue! It is an ideal accessory you can use to wipe or absorb the fluids such as the tears on your cheek or the raindrops off your forehead.

To Wipe away rainy water or tears from your face

4. To Clean your mobile phone

The biggest problem with cleaning phone screens is- using the wrong material. Ever tried to use a tissue for cleaning those oily stains off the screen? It simply won’t clean it effectively or cause vicious little scratches. So, it is necessary to have a handkerchief on hand to wipe off the smudges safely and neatly so that the screen is clear again.

To Clean your mobile phone

5. To Clean your glasses

The amount of time we put on and off our glasses, it’s bound to get some dirt on it. Especially during the pandemic, when more often than not you find fogged-up glasses after wearing them with your mask. With handkerchiefs available, you can now safely clean those glasses without the risk of putting scratches on them.

To Clean your galss if you have

6. Offer to a Handsome man

Nothing says that I’m here to take care of you if you need me to then be able to offer a handkerchief to your man when he needs it. Therefore, you must carry a clean handkerchief and always be ready to offer it in times of great joy or grief.

Offer to an Handsome man

7. To Expose your style

With a huge variety of designer styles to pick from, now your handkerchief can be much more practical as well as fashionable. There’s just something charmingly elegant about taking out a well-designed and well-crafted embroidered handkerchief from your purse. You might find yourself bringing it out for no reason other than to show it off.

To Expose your style

8. To Help the environment instead of using tissues

This is certainly the best motivation to use handkerchiefs rather than those disposable wipes or tissues. When you reuse a hanky, you’re not only saving your resources but also helping in decreasing the crazy amount of paper, water, and energy that is wasted every year.

To Help environment instead of using tissues

6 Simple rules for carrying hankies in Public

1. Keep them clean

Always keep your handkerchief neat and clean. You can use handkerchiefs made up of high-quality material so they can be washed daily without compromising their quality. Also, avoid using them for more than a day, and for the sake of humanity, do not offer them to anyone if you think it’s not clean.

keep it clean

2. Use it Quiet in public – be polite

There is no need to scare the people around you by making all those noises. Gently and almost noiselessly blow your nose without turning your head in all directions while wiping it off. A little dab here and there and ladies, you are good to go.

use it quiet

3. Keep it in your purse when not used

You are either gonna lose it or drop it on the floor while twisting or fidgeting it in your hands. Either option won’t work well if you are conscious about your hygiene; so, it’s better to just carry it around in your bag or purse when it’s not needed.

keep it in purse

4. Fold it after using them

The need to put back the soiled handkerchief as soon as possible back into your purse can be strong but it is important to first fold it back discreetly and hide the dirty section. The best-recommended way to use the handkerchief is to unfold it once, use it, and then fold it back again.

fold the hanky

5. Think about your makeup

Remember the moment while touching up in the hotel bathroom all you needed was something soft and clean to wipe your face? A nice quality handkerchief is your perfect tool for this, but you may end up sometimes in running your makeup, better think about your makeup before wiping your face.

Think about makeup while using hanky

6. Have light colors

As we all know bright colors attract too much attention which might make you slightly nervous or conscious about using them in public. So, it is highly recommended that you should use white or light pastel-colored handkerchiefs.

How to clean your handkerchief?

Keeping your handkerchief clean is essential as you don’t want it to turn into a germ-rag. To make things easier, let us assure you that cleaning a hanky is not rocket science. All you need to do is- simply pop it in the washing machine and enjoy!

Always carry handy with yourself

Honestly, people who don’t use or own handkerchiefs are missing a lovely opportunity to share their love with others. The reason why ladies should always carry handkerchiefs around is that these cute little squares bring happiness to everyone- from the extravagantly embroidered wedding handkerchiefs to the colorful ones covered in flowers, each and every one are a gem!

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